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The 20th Noda Token Ichi January 30, 2023.
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The 20th Noda Token Ichi was held at a convention hall in a Hotel in Noda for three days from Friday the January 27th. It has been held 20 times, every six months in January and July, and 10 years have passed. Over the years there are many repeating customers that join.  More than 80% of the approximately 70 exhibited swords that are usually displayed have been replaced with new items in the six months since July last time. That means if you hesitate to buy a sword that you liked, the next time you visit, it may not be there. So be sure to buy the sword you like when you see it or you may not have the opportunity to own it in the future. Customers can also take advantage of our trade in option, where you can trade in a sword to put towards another more expensive one. It was a fulfilling three days, gaining credibility by holding events and allowing visitors to gain familiarity with Japanese swords. We would like to see you at the next Noda Token Ichi event in July.
Happy New Year January 1, 2023

Happy New Year. This year, we welcomed the first sunrise with Mt. Fuji under a cloudless blue sky and prayed for prosperous business. All the staff will do their best so that all our customers will say, "I am happy to do business with Touken Matsumoto." We look forward to your continued patronage this year. Bijutsu Token Matsumoto Owner Yoshiyuki Matsumoto
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