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Yamagata Token Ichi July 22, 2022
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Yamagata Token Ichi was held at the Yamagata International Relation Plaza, known as "Yamagata Big Wing", in Yamagata City for 3 days from Friday July 22nd. The venue was 417 square meters wide, which is three times as large as the usual place, so this time I host the event that four other sword traders; Fujiya (Koriyama City), Kimura Art Sword Store (Takasaki City), Santo Ryu (Yokohama City), Shinbori Art Sword (Yokohama City).  We asked the four parties to participate with us, and we had a wide selection of products, blades, and fittings. We repeatedly advertised in newspapers and hoped that it would reach Yamagata's sword enthusiasts even at this first event. However, the number of people infected with COVID-19 in Yamagata Prefecture surged from 350 on February 3 to 581 on July 20. I was depressed at this worst timing. However, the Yamagata Shimbun, the most subscribed newspaper in the area, came to interview me and it was posted in an article on Saturday. They also took a video of the exhibit. Then, the number of visitors tripled from the first Friday to Saturday and Sunday. The number of visitors far exceeded the initial expectations. We were able to receive compliments from many visitors for the explanation, so they felt that the Japanese sword was a little closer to them. I could then feel that the event was a success, with all the sword traders selling items during this time.  At the end of the day of the fulfilling joint exhibition and sale, all the participants deepened their friendship with delicious Yamagata food at night.
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