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Advertisement of the Nishikasai Shop July 20, 2022
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On July 15th, we will successfully celebrate the first anniversary of the Nishi-kasai store's opening. Because of the COVID-19, I didn't advertise much at that time. However, recently the situation has become more stable, so I started to advertise more to raise the shop's awareness. I placed an advertisement on the platform of the Urayasu train station on the Tozai Subway Line. Urayasu station is 2 stations closer to Chiba from Nishikasai station, which is the closest to the store. There are many passengers getting on and off at the express train stop at this station, so I expect there should be greater awareness. Last month on June 22, we placed an advertisement on the mirror board inside of the Nishi-kasai station. Starting from July 1st, we also placed an advertisement on the Fire Hydrant Pole in front of the Nishi-Kasai Station close to the shop. The third was the advertisement on the platform of the Urayasu train station. I hope for better recognition, so please visit our shop and be sure to tell your friends about us.
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